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  • In high-risk patients with BCG + EMDA - MMC during established sequential treatment protocols

  • In intermediate-risk patients with BCG + EMDA-MMC with reduced sequential treatment protocol

  • Pre-TURBT treatment protocol with EMDA-MMC for all patients

  • Patients who failed BCG

  • Management of patients while BCG stocks are in short supply
EMDA for Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer in High-Risk Patient Groups
Electromotive Drug Administration for Urological Conditions
EMDA is an innovative therapeutic method of targeted local drug delivery for treating NMIBC and other functional urology and andrology conditions.
Urogenics EMDA Catheter
The Physionizer 30N Current Generator
  • Battery operated system

  • Easy to use

  • Clinical support available

  • Same day service

  • Training provided

  • Proven results

  • Cost effective therapy
Passive Diffussion 
Diffusion with EMDA
EMDA has been demonstrated to be the superior method of local drug delivery in sequential Mitomycin-C and BCG therapy for non-muscular invasive TCC type bladder cancer. The easiest and most cost effective method of prolonging disease free interval and the recurrence of TIS and T1 cancer compared to any other mechanically assisted drug delivery and superior to BCG alone. EMDA has more data than any other system with well over 10 years experience in Europe. Over 2,500 procedures have been performed in the United Kingdom since 2010.
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Superior Treatment is Best Practice for NMIBC
Superior to any other form of mechanical drug delivery technologies
In-use all over Europe and currently in FDA Trail
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